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Award Winning XX2i Optics Sponsors U.S. Paragliding Team

Award Winning XX2i Optics Sponsors U.S. Paragliding Team



DENVER, CO – XX2i Optics, crafters of award winning performance sunglasses, are thrilled to announce their newest partnership with the United States Paragliding Team.  As an eyewear brand popular for polarized lens technology and award winning sunglasses, XX2i is honored to support the U.S. Paragliding Team as they sail the skies and prepare for the FAI World Paragliding Championships in 2017.


“Our main goal has always been to provide the best performance eyewear for athletes who appreciate our award winning technologies in action sports so they can remain focused on the task and adventures at hand,” said Paul Craig, President of XX2i Optics. “Crystal clear vision is of paramount importance when you’re literally soaring thousands of feet in the air, and any visual cue can be the difference between winning and losing, and even perhaps life and death. And for prescription wearers the difference is dramatic.  We’re proud to know these pilots place their trust in our sunglasses.”


The U.S. Paragliding Team competes in cross country races stemming from local league events to championships on the world level. “We get launched in the air, and generally all start at the same time,” said Josh Cohn, one of the members on the U.S. Team. “We race around turn points, or landmarks, which are defined by GPS coordinates. The distances and speeds are similar to cycling races.”


But at up to 18,000 feet in the air for periods of up to ten hours, this is no cycling race. “There are seven days in a normal competition, and twelve days at worlds,” added Nick Greece, another pilot on the U.S. Team. “It starts to wear you down because of the mental taxation. If you’re not physically fit, you just break down after a few days.”


As pilots, the U.S. Paragliding Team must utilize every piece of the environment in order to enhance their performance. That’s why Nick and Josh rely on the XX2i Optics USA1 sunglasses to keep an unobstructed view. “In Colombia, there were a bunch of different light conditions, so the interchangeable lenses were really helpful,” said Nick, thinking back on his experience at the 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships earlier this year. “It was also hot, and having the rubber nose piece was really helpful so the glasses didn’t slip.”


To have an edge over the other competitors, the U.S. Team must keep their eyes open for any differentiation in the horizon such as circling birds, rising smoke, and even other gliders. “I think I’ve always liked that aerial perspective,” said Josh, “Flying cross country is always an adventure and the outcome is often uncertain. You often find yourself landing in the middle of nowhere and hitchhiking back with interesting people.”


It’s hard to believe that this team of exceptional athletes spends countless days above ground, but it’s their passion and their competitive drive that keeps them going. “In paragliding you launch, and the rest of the time you’re fully committed,” said Nick. “Like in skiing, you can pull over. You can’t really pull over in the sky and rest. You’re in the zone for ten hours, so it’s a pretty special sport that creates that feeling for me.”


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