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      How do I get Rx lenses for these frames?

          If you have your current Rx from your eye doctor, please email a copy to our Rx Department along with what frame style you are interested in & what lens color to to discuss your options. Please note we only able to fulfill single vision (distance only) prescriptions.


          Do these frames take Rx Inserts?

              These frames do not have Rx Inserts available; instead the Rx goes directly in the lenses themselves.

                  ***Please Note: For the USA1 model, once you put Rx lenses in the frame it is no longer interchangeable.


                    Are these made for large or small faces?

                      We offer a wide range of models to fit all face sizes. To find your perfect fit please see the frame measurements section below.


                        What are the frame measurements?

                          Eye Size / Distance Between Lenses / Temple Arm Length
                          (measured in mm)

                          Australia1- 65/14/125

                          Bahamas1- 55/12/130

                          Bermuda1- 55/14/130

                          Brazil1- 56/14/121

                          France1- 66/15/125

                          France2- 70/15/125

                          Hawaii1- 70/12/140

                          Key West R1- 55/18/137

                          Sierra SS1- 135/24/132

                          Tucson S1- 135/23/132

                          USA1- 60/15/125


                          What are the frame weights?

                          Australia1 = 27 grams

                          Bahamas1 = 24 grams

                          Bermuda1 = 31 grams

                          Brazil1 = 27 grams

                          France1 = 26 grams

                          France2 = 28 grams

                          Hawaii1 = 22 grams

                          Key West R1 = 31 grams

                          Sierra SS1 = 29 grams

                          Tucson = 32 grams

                          USA1 = 28.5 grams


                            I can’t get my discount code to work, what am I doing wrong?

                              Our discount codes are applied during the checkout process. When you enter your code in the box you have to hit the apply button next to it and the total will refresh and show the discounted amount. Then proceed to enter your credit card information to complete the order. If you don’t hit the apply button the order goes through at regular price.


                                How do I change the lenses on my glasses?

                                  USA1: To remove them place your thumbs on the back of the lens and apply pressure as you pull apart the frame around the lens with your index and middle fingers. They should pop out for you. To install new lenses line the lenses up on the front of the frame. Starting from the corner opposite the nose bridge pop in the outer edges of the lens, once the outer corners are in pop in the corners near the nose bridge should pop in fairly easily.

                                  France1 & France2: Hold the brow of the frame in one hand (facing you as if someone else is wearing them), and pull out of nose bridge side first then pull down on the outer edge of the lens (temple arm side). To insert put into temple arm side first then snap up into nose bridge side.

                                  All other models do not feature interchangeable lenses


                                  Do you have an Asian fit frame?

                                  The France 1 frames are good for Asian fit and also have an adjustable nose bridge to fit even more comfortably.


                                        Are the readers the full lens or bifocal only?

                                        The reader portion is in a bifocal at the bottom of the lens only.


                                        Do you have any stores that stock these glasses so I can try them on?

                                        XX2i orders have a 90 day return policy! You can place your order through our website and if you are not happy for any reason simply visit our Return Center to start your return.


                                        Do you sell frames by themselves without lenses?

                                        All of our frames will come with lenses. We do not sell frame only.


                                        Can I order spare parts for my glasses?

                                        Spare parts can be purchased by phone with customer service Toll Free at 888-662-6291