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XX2i Optics Combines Polarized Technology with Reader Lenses to Cut Glare & Give Magnification

XX2i Optics Combines Polarized Technology with Reader Lenses to Cut Glare & Give Magnification

Fully RXable Polarized Reader Lenses in +1.5 +2.0 & +2.5 at a Fraction of the Cost




DENVER, CO – After winning multiple awards for their extreme value and great features, XX2i Optics is now expanding their line by offering the unique combination of Polarized technology with Reader lenses at a great price point. Popular for years among boaters and fishermen who needed to reduce the reflected glare of the water surrounding them, polarized sunglasses are becoming a greatly demanded item among cyclists and athletes of all kinds. Reader lenses have become an indispensable tool among baby boomers, one of the fastest growing markets today, and anyone needing discrete magnification. XX2i Optics has responded to the call of both fields by combining these technologies into a unified, seamless Polarized Reader lens.


“Pairing the power of a reader lens with the glare cutting capability of polarization is a ground breaking new strategy which opens up a whole new market category,” said Paul Craig, President and co-founder of Running and Cycling Enterprises who makes and distributes XX2i Optics worldwide. “We’re excited to bring these polarized lenses and polarized readers to our award-winning sunglasses. XX2i is one of the first companies to aggressively go after the polarized reader market, and we’re sure your customers will love these new lenses. We’ve had a great response from our athletes, and now anyone can have a pair of glare killing, fully adjustable, sport reader sunglasses without breaking the bank.”


As visible light hits a horizontal plane such as the road or a body of water, a large portion of it is horizontally polarized. This is seen as white glare and reduces visibility. The lens polarization of XX2i Optics filters this light and allows useful, glare free light to make it through. To further reduce reflections, the XX2i Reader lens utilizes front flash and backside Anti-Reflective coatings. XX2i builds the reader zone directly into the backside of the lens, which maximizes the reader magnification area without becoming obstructive, and offers an enhanced cosmetic product that doesn’t scream “I have readers on!” When paired with a fully adjustable sport frame, these lenses become an important tool for any athlete looking to increase visual acuity. For those who may not need a reader lens, XX2i will carry standard polarized lenses for all of their sunglass models.


The XX2i Polarized Readers and standard Polarized sunglasses are all fully RXable and come with a 365 money back guarantee. They may be ordered as single sunglass, or in dual and pro racing kits with additional lenses to easily manage changing lighting conditions. Every pair of XX2i comes with hard and soft cases, a microfiber cleaning cloth, additional temple tips and nose pieces and a full, bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty for the frame and lenses – even against scratches.


About XX2i Optics

XX2i Optics was created to offer unparalleled value and technology at an affordable price to athletes and weekend warriors alike. Since its launch, XX2i Optics products have received numerous awards including the Gear Institutes "Best Value” award and Outside Magazine's "Killer Value” award. XX2i polarized and polarized readers employ the latest polarized and rear surfacing technology, providing the same amazing quality seen on products three times their cost. Dual and Single Kits offer a multitude of frame and lens options to triathletes, cyclists and runners. To learn more go to

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