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Two Woman Rowing Team Aims to Make History with the Help of XX2i Optics

Two Woman Rowing Team Aims to Make History with the Help of XX2i Optics



Denver, CO – XX2i Optics, crafters of highly renowned and award winning performance and casual polarized sunglasses and prescription eyewear, is excited to join forces with Team OceanHearts, a two woman pair rowing from Monterey, California to Waikiki, Hawaii in the 2016 Great Pacific Race. The duo, consisting of Pat Hines and Liz Dycus, aims to become the first two woman team to ever complete the race.


“These women are tough as nails to take on something this extreme,” said Paul Craig, President of XX2i Optics. “Not only are they about to make history, but they’re doing so at over 50 years age each. I used to be a competitive rower in college, and even back then I wouldn’t have imagined completing such a feat. It’s really incredible. We’re proud to stand behind them on this journey and provide them with reliable, award-winning Polarized eye protection.”


The Great Pacific Race, beginning on June 4th, is one of the most challenging endurance competitions on the planet. Ocean rowboats of two and four people travel across the world’s largest body of water for anywhere from 30 to 80 days, and cover close to 3,000 miles.


“We’re going to be rowing 24/7 so we’re hoping for 45 days,” said team member Liz Dycus. “We will row together 12 hours and then take 6-hour single shifts. I think that rowing the ocean is akin to the old saying ‘get knocked nine times and get up ten times’ because the ocean is the big decision maker and the key will be how well we come back from setbacks like the bad weather, big waves, currents pushing us back and the strong winds. We are trying hard not to think how fast it will be over but rather like a race each day. So we are hoping for 45 daily races to Hawaii.”


Team OceanHearts will wear the XX2i Optics France2 performance sunglasses with interchangeable polarized and clear lenses. Polarized lenses are ideal for rowers, as they block sunlight and eliminate intense water glare that may interfere with navigation. Furthermore, both team members will have their eye prescription digitally surfaced onto the backside of each sunglass lens, giving them edge-to-edge RX coverage.


“One of the things that’s really important when you’re out rowing 24/7 is that you protect your skin. Second most important thing is that you protect your eyes,” shared Pat Hines. “Liz and I tried all kinds of sunglasses because I want to tell you, when you’re rowing and you have glasses slipping off your nose and hurting your face, it’s just not a pleasant thing. XX2i fit really well and they don’t slide off my nose. I can wear these and I don’t even feel like I’m wearing glasses.”


In addition to reaching Waikiki, Team OceanHearts wants to raise awareness of Women’s Heart Health. “My mother died tragically of heart disease at the age of 60 because she was completely unaware of symptoms of the disease that were manifest for several years,” Pat said. “As an athlete, I never paid attention to my family history until recently. And I too have mild symptoms that are entirely under control because I know. The lack of information on women’s heart disease is staggering. The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women has made a huge dent in that area, and our goal is to turn up the volume on the conversation on being fit and Women’s Heart Health.”


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