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Bruckner Chase: Waterman, Conservationist, Rescuer

Bruckner Chase: Waterman, Conservationist, Rescuer

Bruckner Chase is a professional waterman. An endurance athlete. An environmental advocate. An ambassador of sport, and a way of life. He recently wrapped up a trip to American Samoa (he’s been doing the trip every year since 2011), where he works with local first responders and public safety advocates to increase public safety and water rescue capacities, with the overall goal of increasing the island’s aquatic tourism safety. 


Bruckner went to American Samoa prior to the summer release of a new film series that he hosted from NOAA National Weather Service, as part of his Ocean Positive Foundation vision. The organization seeks to develop sustainable opportunities to enhance the safety, well-being and quality of life for everyone in American Samoa. As part of the trip, the foundation installed a prototype Remote Rescue Station in Leone to protect swimmers that may find themselves in trouble in the water, as well as potential rescuers.  

Bruckner has been visiting American Samoa since 2011, driven by the belief that people need to be connected to the ocean. "I think it is important for people to connect to, draw strength from and share with others what they love.  For me it’s the oceans and our diverse aquatic environments," said Bruckner. "My phrase uses “Ocean” I would encourage anyone to find their special place and insert in the same way…Personally I don’t think you can beat the ocean. " 

When asked why XX2i Optics was an ideal partner for Blue Journey, Bruckner responded, "In the harsh environment of the South Pacific protection yourself from the sun and salt water is critical for peak performance whether it's a race or a rescue.  XX2i Optics provides a second to none level of function and performance in polarized and non-polarized high definition eyewear so I will never miss anything on, in or near the water." 


To keep up with Bruckner Chase and Blue Journey, follow along on Facebook: @BrucknerChaseBlueJourney