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History Made at Sea: Endurance Rowing Teams and XX2i Optics Overcome the Odds to Smash World Records at 2016 Great Pacific Race

History Made at Sea: Endurance Rowing Teams and XX2i Optics Overcome the Odds to Smash World Records at 2016 Great Pacific Race



Denver, CO – XX2i Optics, the Official Sunglass of Team Uniting Nations and Team OceanHearts, is proud to announce the record-breaking success of both rowing teams during the 2016 Great Pacific Race. Not only did each team complete the treacherous 2,400 mile journey from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii by boat, but they also shattered three combined Guinness World Records along the way. This year’s edition of the race was particularly difficult, as competitors faced winds of almost 35 mph and waves larger than 20 feet. Often referred to as the “World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge,” the rugged conditions make the Great Pacific Race a grueling competition.


Team Uniting Nations, consisting of Carlo Facchino (USA), Thiago Silva (Brazil), Cyril Derreumaux (France), and Fiann Paul (Iceland), were the first to arrive in Hawaii in a remarkable, record-setting time of 39 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes. The crew of four men, who had not met in person until days before the race start, smashed the previous Guinness World Record by more than three days, a remarkable accomplishment considering the severe weather conditions.


Not far behind the men were Liz Dycus and Pat Hines, a two-woman crew better known as Team OceanHearts. These incredible women came in second place of ALL boats, and even more impressively set two different Guinness World Records when they pulled into Honolulu. With a combined age of over 120 years, Liz (59) and Pat (62) became the oldest pairs team to row across an ocean. Additionally, Pat (who celebrated her 62nd birthday during the row) became the oldest female to ever row an ocean.


“We are absolutely blown away by the success of Team Uniting Nations and Team OceanHearts,” said Paul Craig, President of XX2i Optics. “As a former competitive rower, I can only imagine what both teams went through as they were at sea for almost two months. The men astounded us all with the fact they hadn’t even met before the start of the race, while Pat and Liz proved age is just a number and blew away the entire rest of the competition. I’m honored that both teams placed their trust in XX2i Optics’ polarized eyewear to protect them during this incredible challenge, and am looking forward to supporting them both in their future endeavors.”


Team OceanHearts and Team Uniting Nations both wore the XX2i Optics France2 with interchangeable polarized and clear lenses while they were out at sea. Polarized lenses are ideal for rowers, as they block sunlight and eliminate intense water glare that may interfere with navigation and visual acuity.


“I wore my XX2i the entire time and they worked like a dream,” share Pat Hines. “They stayed on, cut the glare, survived a few hits and didn't break. I know I can count on XX2i for my crossing to Catalina in October 2016, as well as my solo attempt of the Atlantic in 2019.”


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About the Great Pacific Race

The Great Pacific Race, which began this year on June 4th, is a grueling competition often referred to as “The World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge.” Teams spend the duration of the 2,400 mile journey sleeping in watertight cabins and rowing around the clock in order to keep their boats moving towards Hawaii. Competitors travel with hundreds of pounds of freeze dried food, and use a desalination device to turn sea water into drinking water.


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