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How to Get Sponsored by a Company

How to Get Sponsored by a Company

Written by XX2i Optics Athlete Natasha LaBeaud Anzures. Natasha holds the Canadian National Record for the 15k distance, and continues to inspire healthy living and active lifestyles through her non-profit, 2nd Recess. She's also a RunRabbitRun Elite ambassador.

How can you promote your own social media, create value for brands, and reach out?

One of the top questions that I receive from aspiring athletes is, “How do I get sponsored by a company?”  This question is not as straight-forward as many individuals would hope, however, as with anything worth going after, you have to follow the three P’s: Patience, perseverance, and positivity.  

Through this blog, you will learn the steps that can help you to reach out to potential sponsors in an organized and efficient manner.

Be organized: To start, you need to have all of your documentation ready for a potential sponsor. You might be saying, “Why would I need documentation?” This is simple - sponsors want to know that you are worth the investment. Documentation includes an athletic resume that is current, includes recent and notable achievements, and is comprehensive. This shows a potential sponsor that you are organized and constantly updating your goals.

Show press hit: This tip may not apply to everyone (especially to those athletes just starting out in the professional realm), however, it is a continual project that each individual can work on throughout his/her career. This includes keeping track of articles, press releases, and press hits where your name is mentioned or included so that you can share this information with potential sponsors. This information helps a potential sponsor see your reach with a variety of publications, and see your potential value in spreading the word about the products and/or brand. Check out my own press hit website:

Do your research: If you are interested in a partnership with a particular product and/or brand, spend time researching that brand including their social media, press inclusions, and mission. Reach out to the appropriate sponsorship contact, which is typically found through their website, and include appropriate information about why you would be of value to the company.

Promote, promote, promote: When reaching out to a brand or company, illustrate your value via social media platforms as well. Share your social handles and include how you would promote that company’s products in a genuine and authentic way. Include examples of your own social posts so that the company can learn more about your style and methods.


Not all companies may get back to you, but that does not mean that you stop your quest. You can find the right partners for you if you spend time doing your research and find those brands that can enhance your training to another level.

If you have the opportunity to acquire a sponsorship from a company, you then need to ensure that you understand the guidelines about what is required from you as a brand ambassador.  In addition, you can be proactive and ask the company the ways in which you can help spread the brand message (through blogs, social posts, videos, etc.).

And, if you have any questions about how to find the best sponsorship fits, you can feel free to contact me with any inquiries-- I am here to help!