Recovery Tips: The Best Way to Recover Post Workout

July 12, 2018

Recovery Tips: The Best Way to Recover Post Workout

Written by XX2i Optics Athlete Natasha LaBeaud Anzures. Natasha holds the Canadian National Record for the 15k distance, and continues to inspire healthy living and active lifestyles through her non-profit, 2nd Recess. She's also a RunRabbitRun Elite ambassador.

You just had an amazing workout. Actually, you #crushedit.  Every split came to you easy, you felt like your legs were moving in perfect flow with your entire body, and you felt like you could keep going forever.  Now it is time to recover.

You just had a terrible workout. Actually, you feel #woof.  Every split was a struggle, you felt like your legs were moving separately from the rest of your body and had lead in them too, and you could not wait for the finish line. Now it is time to recover.

Whether you have an amazing workout or one that you would rather forget about, recovery is a key element that you can never forget about. When you stress your body, the only way to maximize performance gains is to maximize recovery efforts. So how do you recover better?  These recovery tips can help you to take full advantage of all of the work that you do!

  • Eat something right after you workout or race- when you finish a hard effort, your body is depleted and needs fuel. By waiting to fuel your body until you get home, or post-errands, you are not allowing your body to start recovering ASAP, in-turn delaying the recovery process.  Pack a snack that you can take with you to the trails, track, and gym that is full of both carbohydrates and protein to replenish.

  • Fuel properly- food again?  Yes--it is that important.  After you have had your snack, make sure to fix yourself a proper meal that includes all nutrients. Taking the time to make something nutritious and delicious is not only a healthy option, but allows for your body to attain everything it needs.

  • Stick to a routine- do you like to foam roll in the evening? Do you like to stretch? Is mindful meditation up your alley?  Find the active recovery routine that makes the most sense for your personal needs and stick with it. With recovery methods, consistency is key.

  • Sleep, sleep, zzzzzz- never underestimate the power of sleep. A short nap post- hard-effort can replenish some energy stores, but maximizing regular sleep every night is essential to help you perform better and take advantage of all of the work that you just did.