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Running in the Summer Heat

Running in the Summer Heat

Running in the heat can be brutal. But don’t let it keep you from training and achieving your goals! I live in the Phoenix desert where summer temps can climb to upwards of 120 degrees. So I’ve picked up a few tricks to survive the hellish heat.

Run Early

This can be the hardest for us runners: changing our routine. But trust me, your body will adjust. The longer the run, the earlier you should start. Ideally, I try to get out the door just before sunrise. While it may be tough to drag yourself out of bed, just think of how much time you’ll have to treat yourself to netflix and naps when you’re done!


It’s more than just about drinking while on the run. I hydrate the night before and morning of my run. I’ll drink something with electrolytes before I even head out the door. During my run, I always carry more water than I think I’ll need. I’ll use a bladder pack or vest pack to carry everything. Better to have more water than not enough!

If you don’t have a pack that can carry enough water, I recommend planning your route around an area where you know there are water fountains or somewhere where you can fill up. Electrolytes are also important to replenish all those salts we lose when sweating in the sweltering sun.


Besides something to carry water in, I have other crucial pieces of gear for running in the heat. I’ll wear a hat and soak it in cool water right before I head out the door. Or I’ll toss in some ice cubes. If you have a bandana or multi-use headwrap, you can do the same, or even wear it around your neck as ice slowly melts on your run. Feels amazing!

XX2i shades are also an important piece of summer running gear. Protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight with a pair of XX2i performance sunglasses not only makes for a safter run, but also makes you feel sleeker too.


Proper recovery after a blistering summer run is key. Post run hydration and fueling is important--especially when accompanied with a dip in the pool or sipping an ice cold adult beverage with friends. After all, it is summer! And what pairs best with that? XX2i casual shades of course. The Bahamas1 being my personal favorite for casual summer relaxing.

I hope these tips for running in the heat help you tackle your goals. So grab those XX2i sunglasses, rack up those miles, and enjoy the summer months ahead!

Written by:

Jeremy Heath, runner from Phoenix, AZ

Instagram: @runner_blogger_az