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StravaFemmes: How the West Was Run - Epilogue

StravaFemmes: How the West Was Run - Epilogue

The stage: A 340 mile race, from Los Angeles CA to Las Vegas NV, going over some of the most treacherous terrain in the country.

The cast: The first all female team to attempt such a feat. 6 ultra-endurance athletes, ranging from a former collegiate cross country star to a handful of IRONMAN finishers.


Epilogue – From Joyce Lee

After having completed this incredible 340+ mile relay challenge, running through day and night, the desert and road, I look back in amazement how we could accomplish something so unthinkable together. Every runner and crew member played a critical role in this accomplishment.

Chloe, our youngest runner, felt inspired to take on Spartan obstacle course racing. With her strength, speed and endurance, she would do well in that arena. 

Kasha, she aspires to take on longer distances and try out other types of overnight relays. 

Whitney is hoping to become an ultra-marathoner in 2017. 

Alyx wants to tackle her existing 100-mile time and push for a sub-24 hour personal record in Hawaii. 

Sandra is gearing up to beat the existing women's record in the Guinness Book for fastest trans-America run later this year.

I'm inspired to take on The Speed Project once more if given the opportunity to race it again. After completing it this first time, it excites me to think about coming back and doing it even faster and more efficiently next year! From planning how to play our runners, when teammates should nap, to more thorough documentation of the journey, sponsorships, more crew support, the list goes on... There are so many areas that can easily be improved on now that we've been through it and I hope we'll have another chance to run The Speed Project!


-Joyce Lee