Team Uniting Nations Breaks World Record for Fastest Row Across the Pacific with the Help of XX2i Optics

July 15, 2016

Team Uniting Nations Breaks World Record for Fastest Row Across the Pacific with the Help of XX2i Optics



Honolulu, HI – As the Official Sunglass sponsor of Team Uniting Nations, XX2i Optics is proud to announce that the four man rowing team has successfully completed the 2016 Great Pacific Race in a Guinness World Record breaking time of 39 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes. The crew, consisting of Carlo Facchino (USA), Thiago Silva (Brazil), Cyril Derreumaux (France), and Fiann Paul (Iceland), used nothing but pure muscle and raw determination to row 2,400 miles from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI to break the previous rowing record by more than three days.


“We are blown away by the performance of Team Uniting Nations,” said Paul Craig, President of XX2i Optics. “Simply finishing this type of race is a huge accomplishment, but these guys absolutely crushed it. XX2i Optics takes pride in our superior optics, and I am honored that the team selected us to support them in their successful record breaking journey.”


The Great Pacific Race, which began this year on June 4th, is a grueling competition often referred to as “The World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge.” Team Uniting Nations spent almost 40 days at sea, sleeping in a watertight cabin and rowing around the clock in order to keep the boat moving towards Hawaii. They traveled with hundreds of pounds of freeze dried food, and used a desalination device to turn sea water into drinking water. Most impressively, this year’s edition of the race served up winds almost 35 mph and waves larger than 20 feet.


For the duration of their journey, Team Uniting Nations sported the XX2i Optics France2 performance sunglasses with interchangeable polarized and clear lenses. Polarized lenses are ideal for rowers, as they block sunlight and eliminate intense water glare that may interfere with navigation.


The previous record for the fastest crossing of the Pacific Ocean by boat was set in 2014 in a time of 43 days, 7 hours, and 39 minutes.


Learn more about the Great Pacific Race on www.greatpacificrace.com and be sure to check out XX2i’s full selection of polarized performance and casual models on www.XX2i.com


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