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The Perfect Running Outfit

The Perfect Running Outfit

XX2i Optics sponsored runner Natasha LeBeaud Anzures recently joined the RadRabbitPro Team. She's currently completing her PhD in Public Health, with an emphasis on childhood obesity. XX2i Optics partnered with Natasha and apparel brand Rabbit to bring you the perfect running outfit because, let's be honest, we want to look as good as she does.

The perfect running outfit is a combination of items that make you feel like you can train without worrying about what you are wearing, or feel inhibited or restricted.  When I run, I like to feel like I am sporting as little as possible so that I can just focus on the task at hand—one foot in front of the other, repeat, repeat, repeat.  If I were to describe how I like to feel in training clothes, I would say that I  like feeling fast with a touch of cute. So, how do I achieve this ideal look?  Check out some of the items I love that comprise the "perfect running outfit.” 
XX2i Sunglasses- I am lucky to train in beautiful, and very sunny San Diego, California. As a result, I need to protect my eyes and reserve energy from squinting with some great frames.  XX2i Optics sunglasses offer me the protection I need, look sporty, and never fog up on me when doing humid runs or workouts along the bay. Favorites are the France2 Crystal with Flash Green Lenses, and the Bermuda1 casuals in Matte Black.


Good fitting shorts- finding a good pair of shorts can be tricky, especially when you do not want to worry about them riding up mid-workout. Enter rabbit. rabbit offers a wide variety of shorts, from my personal favorite style of ‘booty shorts’ through rabbit legs, to two-tone tights that are nothing short of super stylish and beyond comfortable.  Plus, if you have long legs like I do, you can rest assured that there is enough material to cover your entire body—that is a huge win.


Running shoes that you like - this might seem like a ‘duh’ statement, but many people do not try shoes on before they purchase them, or buy shoes thinking that they will become more comfortable as they break in. I believe that you should feel comfortable in your shoes as soon as you try them on, and buy them because they feel good and will be able to propel you forward, not because they are the newest shade of shiny pink.   Personally, I do training runs in the Skechers Ultra trainers, while training and racing road races in flats (GoMeb Speed 4).

Safety is stylish - I have always been concerned with safety, especially after I was hit by a car when running in high school. I wasn’t wearing any headphones, had the right of way in a street, and was still hit by a distracted driver.   As a result, I take precautions to ensure that I can run as safely as possible (and as reasonable).  So, the perfect running outfit for early morning runs or late night doubles includes NoxGear. NoxGear is a lighted running vest that changes colors and has been described as a “rainbow light jacket.”  I have been asked on almost every run that I have NoxGear on where I got it, and it is honestly because it is so noticeable.  I feel incredibly safe when wearing it because I know that drivers can see me even in the darkest conditions.


The final component to the perfect running outfit—a smile! – I truly believe that running is a gift and a wonderful time to reflect, disconnect, and enjoy the scenery around us. So whenever heading out on a run or for a workout, don’t forget to smile and remember that you are inspiring others to live healthier lives. Who can you inspire through action?