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XX2i Optics Going to the North Pole with Sean Swarner’s ‘Mission of Hope’

XX2i Optics Going to the North Pole with Sean Swarner’s ‘Mission of Hope’

Sean Swarner, also known as the Cancer Climber, is partnering with XX2i Optics, crafters of award winning performance polarized sunglasses, for his Mission of Hope expedition to the North Pole. The trip is a crowdfunding campaign to bring hope for those who have been touched by cancer and raise money for cancer institutions. Donors to the campaign can place the name of someone touched by cancer on a flag that Sean will carry with him during the expedition. The goal is to add 100,000 names to the flag, which he will unfurl at the North Pole where it will be seen from space and captured by Google Earth.


“You can go 30 days without food, you can live three days without water, but you can’t go 30 seconds without hope. Because without hope, we truly have nothing,” said Sean, echoing his favorite saying. “As a two-time cancer survivor, I’ve made it my life’s pursuit to bring hope to people touched by cancer, by being a living example that you can overcome life’s obstacles.”


Swarner knows obstacles well – he was given three months to live at the age of 13 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Against the odds, he made a full recovery. When Sean was 16 years old, he was told he had Askin’s Sarcoma (completely unrelated to his previous diagnosis) and given 14 days to live. Sean once again proved the doctors wrong, and he has used his multiple chances well – over the past decade he’s summited the Seven Summits (one on each continent), competed in the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and conquered the South Pole.

Now, with his sights set on the North Pole and completing the Explorer’s Grand Slam, Sean is partnering with XX2i Optics, makers of quality performance eyewear, to encourage people touched by cancer to donate a minimum of $5 and put the name of someone affected by cancer on the flag.


“It’s phenomenal getting to partner with XX2i Optics for the Mission of Hope,” said Sean. “They’re a remarkable organization, and they believe and support the mission. I’ve always said that sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes, they’re a vital piece of equipment for an undertaking like this. The environment is one of the harshest on the planet, and I know that XX2i’s eyewear is up for the challenge.”

Sean’s personal favorite is the USA1, an award-winning frame with adjustable temple arms, a fully adjustable nosepiece, and interchangeable lenses with micro-venting. Donors will get VIP access to the full XX2i Optics line, which includes performance and casual eyewear. XX2i Optics is also donating over 100 pairs to the effort, to incentivize levels of giving to the crowdfunding campaign.


“Sean continues to defy the odds and test his own endurance to unimaginable heights. He is a role model and inspiration for us all,” said Paul Craig, President of XX2i Optics. “XX2i Optics is proud to be supporting Sean and the Mission of Hope because it’s athletes like him that motivate us to continue to push our limits and summit our own mountains every day.”


The goal of the expedition is to raise over half a million dollars for global cancer institutions. With the support of XX2i Optics, Sean will set out on April 1st, and will ski, snowshoe, and climb to reach his final destination and round out the Explorer’s Grand Slam – all Seven Summits, and both of the Earth’s poles. Sean will continue to share his message of healing, hope, and triumph with cancer patients around the world as a motivational keynote speaker and through his non-profit organization, The CancerClimber Association.


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