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XX2i Optics Partners with Pro Endurance Waterman Bruckner Chase

XX2i Optics Partners with Pro Endurance Waterman Bruckner Chase


Denver, CO – XX2i Optics announced today that they have partnered with Bruckner Chase, endurance athlete and ocean advocate, as part of a multiyear relationship that extends beyond a traditional sponsorship deal. One of only 5 Americans to ever complete the grueling Coolangatta Gold Surf Lifesaving Iron Man Championship in Australia, and the only American to ever medal in the event, Bruckner Chase is a decorated athlete, ocean conservation activist, and brand ambassador. But even listing his many achievements and philanthropic pursuits fails to truly describe him as a person, and falls short of conveying just how driven he is. He has an ongoing partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), works as the Technical Director for Red Bull’s Surf and Rescue Competition, and travels the world as the representative for his nonprofit Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive.  His driving mantra is, very simply, to positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans.


“As an avid Rescue Scuba Diver who has a passion for the endurance community,  what Bruckner is doing for athletes and ocean conservation is amazing and motivating, Bruckner represents the values and DNA of  the XX2i Optics brand as we strive to provide the best 8k polarized  and eyewear solutions to this community,” said Paul Craig, President and Founder of XX2i Optics. “You couldn’t find a better mix of activist, athlete, and environmentalist if you tried.”


Bruckner joins an elite team of XX2i Optics athletes, including Canadian world record holder and professional runner Natasha LaBeaud Anzures, professional triathlete AJ Baucco, and the record-setting American Oarsmen team. Other open ocean athletes on the XX2i Optics roster include endurance rowing Team Oceanhearts, and Team Uniting Nations, who broke the world record for the fasters row across the Pacific Ocean. They are in good company with Bruckner, who has competed in professional surf lifesaving sports as well as multiple endurance swimming crossings. He completed a solo swim crossing of Monterey Bay in 2010, an epic feat that requires 28 miles of open water swimming, which he used to help promote marine sanctuaries. Today, he is working with NOAA National Weather Service to facilitate a connection with the open water lifesaving community, and helping to craft an outreach model for protecting coastal communities and oceans.“Partnering with XX2i Optics is due largely in part to the incredible quality of their polarized optics, which are a vital piece of equipment when you spend as much time on the water as I do,” said Bruckner. “I was thoroughly impressed by the quality when I found the brand, and immediately reached out to see how we could partner together and do more.”

During athletic events, Bruckner will put the France2 frame through its paces – the polarized lens with extra coverage and adjustable temples and nose piece to create a custom, head hugging, fog-free fit every time grants him an uninterrupted view while out in the open water and reduces eye strain and fatigue. When off the water, Bruckner prefers XX2i Optics’ range of polarized casuals, stylish and sturdy frames with optical quality hinges and materials and equipped with unbeatable polarized 8K optics.


“The France2 is the lightest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned,” said Bruckner. “And with the adjustability of the frame, I’m not worried if I’m on the paddleboard – I know they’re going to stay put.”


In addition to his roles with NOAA and Red Bull, Bruckner Chase was also recently appointed as the ocean and aquatic sports editor for the new Movement Sports Magazine that publishes online content for triathletes, swimmers, runners, and other endurance sports athletes. He also serves as a Global Ambassador for the Lifesaving World Championships, and is the creator of Legion of Ocean Heroes, a lifesaving festival for athletes with spinal cord injuries. His next major event is a virtual group run that’s part of a global stride for research that focuses on finding a cure for spinal cord injuries through the Wings for Life Foundation, which will be taking place simultaneously at 24 locations all around the world on May 7th, 2017.


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