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XX2i Optics Supports The TCM Tri Squad coaching community

XX2i Optics Supports The TCM Tri Squad coaching community

San Clemente, CA - XX2i Optics - The TCM Tri Squad represents a growing triathlon community headquartered in Santa Cruz, California with athletes racing worldwide. Our coaches and 25+ members have a strong online presence and connections to race events across the U.S. and abroad. Our USAT certified triathlon coaches provide personalized triathlon and endurance coaching to help athletes achieve their goals. Focused on the unique needs of each athlete, our coaches aim to discover how and what will help the athlete’s performance. Support for athletes extends beyond one-on-one coaching, as each athlete becomes a part of the TCM Tri Squad community. Through our online communication and virtual community, athletes from all over the world can join and feel connected to other triathletes, which provides continual motivation, inspiration, and camaraderie. As a part of our squad, athletes live a triathlon lifestyle regardless of their experience level or world location!

TCM Tri Squad and XX2i Optics

TCM Tri Squad athletes participate in all levels of racing, including Ironman, 70.3, Olympic and Sprint distances. We also compete in national and international championship events. Among our ranks we have USA Triathlon All-American age group award winners and national championship podium finishers.

TCM Tri Squad

Whether you are new to triathlon, want to improve your triathlon or endurance performance, or race more competitively, the TCM Tri Squad coaches and community will help get you there!

TCM Tri Squad

Visit TCM Tri Squad to lear more about their fantastic coaching philosophy and outgoing tri squad community.

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