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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, AJ Baucco spent his youth playing a variety of sports. During high school he focused his talents on music, playing drums for the punk band Chaotic Alliance. In 2009, AJ graduated with a degree in mathematics and his teaching license. It was at this point that AJ decided to pursue his athletic ambitions and go professional. In his first year as a pro, AJ racked up several top 10 finishes which led to him being named the 2011 USA Triathlon Elite Rookie of the Year. Since then, AJ decided to partner up with QT2 Systems and train under the guidance of Jesse Kropelnicki. XX2i is proud to sponsor AJ and is committed to his growth as a world class athlete.

"I absolutely love training and racing in my XX2i sunglasses. The France 2 is a perfect combination of style and comfort. I particularly like the Hyper Orange Frames because they match my race kit!"



Olympic Hopeful and 5-Time Canadian National Running Team Member. In addition to her National Team membership, Natasha was the second place Canadian Marathoner in 2014, qualifier for the 2015 Canadian Pan American and World XC Teams, and is the current Canadian National Record Holder with the Chiba Ekiden Relay team.

“I really like the France1 frames, especially with the options to change the lenses based on conditions. When I need polarized protection I can easily swap out lenses. There are bright colors frames to boot, which means I can wear bright pink or lime green too— my favorites!”



BowHunterPlanet is the hunting worlds testing headquarters. Since 2009 BowHunterPlanet has brought news and videos on the latest products.Today BowHunterPlanet stands over 300,000 strong.  The website puts out over 120 videos a year on its many show series (Testlab, BoneDriven, Hunt Series, Pink Series). BHP is built on industry following and consumers who believe in growing this great heritage together and united.

“Eye protection is critical when being outdoors. I protect my eyes with the best optics possible. When shooting bows or casting lines, I trust my eyes to XX2i."
- Dave Thomas; President, BowHunterPlanet



XX2i Optics, crafters of highly renowned and award winning performance and casual polarized sunglasses and prescription eyewear, is excited to join forces with Team OceanHearts, a two woman pair rowing from Monterey, California to Waikiki, Hawaii in the 2016 Great Pacific Race. The duo, consisting of Pat Hines and Liz Dycus, aims to become the first two woman team to ever complete the race.Team OceanHearts will wear the XX2i Optics France2 performance sunglasses with interchangeable polarized and clear lenses. Polarized lenses are ideal for rowers, as they block sunlight and eliminate intense water glare that may interfere with navigation. Furthermore, both team members will have their eye prescription digitally surfaced onto the backside of each sunglass lens, giving them edge-to-edge RX coverage.