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The Benefits of Joining a Training Group

The Benefits of Joining a Training Group

Coach and pro triathlete AJ Baucco talks about why it might be better to not go lone wolf with your training. If you're looking for a team to join, why not TRS Racing / Baucco Squad?

While triathlon is a very individual sport, having a group to train with can make an already great sport into something even better. Having a group to train with makes the whole training process a lot less lonely, and often times you will have teammates in the same race as you, being an encouraging friendly face out on the course. Training with a group not only helps with motivation, but it also can help to bring out the best in you athletically and reach your fitness and race goals. Let’s explore some of the benefits to joining a training group.


  1. Helps to keep you focused on race goals. Being a part of a training group makes it much easier to focus on your race goals. When you are training with other people who have big goals, their motivation is infectious. Having training partners, or even joining an online supportive triathlon group, makes it so much easier to set your sights high and go after a big race goal that might seem daunting otherwise.
  2. Helps to keep you accountable for training sessions. Similarly, training with a coach or training group makes getting up early for those swim sessions so much easier. When you are waking up at the crack of dawn to get in a cold pool, it’s so much easier to get out of bed when you know that you won’t be alone on the pool deck, waiting to hear the infamous swim set for the day.
  3. Teammates = Common suffering = Friends. It is so much easier to make friends with someone when you are sweating alongside them. When you belong to a training group, not only do you get to meet like-minded people, the road to friendship increases just as quickly as your fitness levels.
  4. Friendly competition. With training partners comes friendly competition. When the intervals get hard and your muscles start to fatigue, it might seem impossible to finish the set. But when you have training partners ready to do another interval it’s hard to let them go on without you.
  5. Learning from coaches and teammates. Another benefit of training with a group is that there is so much you can learn from your coach and from your training partners. Coaches have so much insight into the sport. Teammates also have different tips and tricks about triathlon and when combined together, it becomes a pool of knowledge that wouldn’t be available without a training team.
  6. Triathlon resources. Going off of the last point, belonging to a training group gives you way more access to all kinds of triathlon resources than you would have if you were training alone. Not only do you get advice from Coaches, most training groups, offer special discounts from team sponsors that are only available to team members.


AJ Baucco is an established long course professional triathlete from Cleveland, Ohio. He founded AJ Baucco Coaching, which has coached well over 200 triathletes in the last 5 years. He also manages three different age group triathlon teams; The Baucco Squad, TRS Racing, and Team INFINIT Performance. Over the years, AJ Baucco has become a premier triathlon coach. He has helped athletes achieve personal bests, stand on podiums, and even race world championship events. On the race course, AJ Baucco has achieved top results at every distance from super sprint to Ironman. Most recently, he was on the winning team for 6 different Major League Triathlon events, and 2 back to back series championships.

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