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XX2i Optics Sponsors Two of the World’s Greatest Age Group Triathlon Teams

XX2i Optics Sponsors Two of the World’s Greatest Age Group Triathlon Teams

XX2i Optics has signed on as the Official Eyewear of TRS Racing / Baucco Squad triathlon teams. The goal of the mega combined team is to put the fun back in triathlon, and Head Coach and Champion of the People AJ Baucco is looking forward to the 2018 season. “All triathletes by nature are competitive, whether they are racing as a pro or as an age grouper,” said Baucco. “We understand that people want to be fast, but we also understand that people want to have a good time. It is easy to forget to have fun with training when you are so focused on trying to get in the necessary training volume.” As the Official Eyewear of the team, XX2i Optics will provide the 200 members with affordable performance eyewear with polarized and polarized reader options, as well as Rx solutions for racing. XX2i Optics’ line of polarized casuals are the perfect post-race eyewear, transitioning seamlessly from the podium to the patio.


TRS Racing / Baucco Squad is the combined brain child of pro triathlete AJ Baucco and TRS radio host Ben Hobbs. The two met in 2014 at Lake Placid after Ben Hobs had written some tongue in cheek jokes about AJ on Twitter.  Ben assured AJ he was a huge fan, gave him a hug, and bought him a beer. A fast friendship was formed, and in 2017 AJ’s triathlon team Baucco Squad combined forces with TRS Racing to form the ‘World’s Greatest Age Group Triathlon Team’ with the singular goal of reminding triathletes to kick back and have fun, and enjoy themselves at racing.


“The team has always wanted the best sunglasses that can not only work well with racing, but that look awesome with their kits,” said Baucco. “XX2i Optics provides the best sunglasses for our team, and we get great feedback from the athletes. It’s easy to play with the colors of the sunglasses to match our kits, and the polarized casuals are great for our non-racing needs.”


XX2i Optics has continued to grow in the triathlon space, and a USA Triathlon survey last year demonstrated that XX2i Optics was fast becoming an athlete favorite. Over 14,000 survey respondents rated XX2i Optics as the #3 sunglass brand they intended to buy in the next twelve months and was rated as the #5 brand in terms of overall quality against over 20 industry competitors. XX2i Optics is proud to support TRS Racing / Baucco Squad for the 2018 season, because of their message of inclusivity and dedication to the sport. “There is no room for elitism in our ranks,” said Baucco. “We claim members at all levels, from beginners to Kona qualifiers. We want our team to be one of the biggest in the entire sport by racing and training together, supporting each other, and most importantly, celebrating every finish line together. This message makes XX2i Optics, an affordable, sport-forward brand, the ideal eyewear partner.”